Civil Lawyers VS. Criminal Lawyers

Civil Lawyers VS. Criminal Lawyers

Many people don’t realize this, but when a person has to go to court there is a very different process for individuals going through a civil case than a criminal case.  Each type of legal matter has its own set of rules to follow, and it can be confusing to know what the real differences are. Here are some examples of how you can tell apart a civil lawyer and a criminal lawyer.

  1. Civil lawyers have different standards than what criminal lawyers do, as in criminal cases in order to reach a verdict the defendant must be guilty beyond reasonable doubt where as in civil law suits it just needs to be likely that the person in question is guilty. There are different sets of evidence for the two types of law as well, as criminal law really needs hard evidence whereas civil law doesn’t require evidence in the same fashion in the eyes of the court.
  2. Most people know that if you are being accused of a crime, you can either hire your own lawyer or the state will appoint one to you. However, if you are being sued for something this does not justify good enough reason for the government to give you a lawyer. If this is the position you end up finding yourself in, you will have to find your own representation and pay for it yourself.
  3. Criminal lawyers always represent the defendants; they never speak for the plaintiff. Even in a criminal case the victims are represented by a civil lawyer, it is never the other way around. It can be confusing this way sometimes, but typically a criminal lawyer is referred to as a prosecutor or district attorney instead of just a regular lawyer.
  4. It is also a known fact that civil lawyers only represent clients when there is money at stake, because criminal lawyers can’t charge fees if their clients lose a case. In addition to that, there is no such thing as a civil law suit that ends in someone going to jail, which is why many cases on programs such as “Judge Judy” and “People’s Court” can be aired on television for these kinds of legal matters.
  5. When it comes to who’s filing for what kind of case, it is always the standard that a criminal case will be issued by the government and a civil case will be done so by a private institution or company. Basically, there can never be a criminal case run by a person or private property place, and the government can’t start a civil case.
  6. The resolution of a criminal case will always have either jail time or no jail time, whereas for a civil case it will be money or no money. It will never be the other way around as each kind of courthouse has its own set of rules on this kind of matter in the legal world.
  7. When a jury is in on a case and listening to all the facts, there are also a few differences between criminal and civil cases. For example, in a criminal case the jury must be unanimous when convicting or not convicting someone, which is why that some cases can take several days to find an agreement between those selected for the case. For civil cases, it may not be necessary to have a unanimous vote and each law can vary from state to state, and country to country. It also depends on the content of the case and what may be a good way to solve things depending on its sensitivity too.

Written by Kellie Bertels, an attorney with the firm Bandré, Hunt & Snider, LLC where they are the leading personal injury attorneys in Jefferson City MO.

Best Divorce Lawyers in Town

Nobody wants their marriage fall apart but there are many cases that separation can be a better option rather than trying to keep a marriage that is already damaged. There’s no easy divorce as it isn’t only about ending a legal bind between two persons but it is also related to the whole family. What important is to minimize the bad effect of the divorce process that everyone can move on with their life.

best law firm in San AntonioDivorce is a legal process and it can be a very complicated thing. It will be related with various issues ranging from parenting right, estate separation, divorce compensation, and many more. Divorce process can be brutal and can leave a big trauma. You will need a good legal attorney to represent you during the whole process of divorce. It is very important to make sure that your legal rights are protected and you will get what you really deserve. Bineham & Gillen is undeniably the best law firm in San Antonio on the field of family law. This law firm has the most dependable divorce lawyers that will make sure you will get the best legal representation and your divorce case will be completed fast with as minimum as possible impact to your life.

The lawyers at Bineham & Gillen are seasoned professionals. They have legal expertise in family law and highly experienced representing different divorce cases with varieties of complexity. They really familiar with the legal systems in the state of Texas and other states regarding to divorce case. Whatever reason you want to get divorce and whatever you want to gain from the case, whether it is getting a parenting right or you want to protect your estate, Bineham &Gillen has the best legal resources to help you successfully winning the case. No wonder it is hailed as the best divorce lawyers in town.

Between Teen Spending Habit and Alleged Debt

Teen girls are by nature love to shop especially shopping for fashions or even things they see as cute. Every parent of a teenage girl must really know about it. In the era of online shopping like today, shopping for teenage girls become a more enjoyable thing and can be out of control especially when she has access to your credit card. When your credit card bill is skyrocketing, it is easy to have a suspicion to her.

It is true that teen spending habits can bring bad effect to their parents. But before you blame everything to your teenage girl, you better review your credit card bill better. Your teenage girl’s excessive shopping can be a huge part of it but there’s also chance that you become a victim of the alleged debt. It means you are allegedly owed a certain amount of money from credit card provider or bank while you are actually not. Wrongdoing or illegal practices from the bank or credit card provider can be the reason you are dealing with alleged debt. You have right to get this thing straight and get free from such alleged debt burdening you with huge losses.

legal firms
You will need good legal support to help you challenge the alleged debt case. First of all, you need to find proof that you are a victim of the alleged debt. There are lawyers and also legal firms offering legal services for this kind of case. A Consumer Protection Counsel can help you analyze your credit card bill and using legal resources to find possible alleged debt. It usually has paralegal staff support to help you prepare all paperwork and everything needed to support your case. With the right effort, you can be free from alleged debt helping you to save lots of money. However, you need to give more concern on your teenage girl’s spending habit and for this one, you don’t need any legal support.