Why You Should Never Claim Alone Without Expert Advice Of Phoenix Car Accident Attorney?

You have just been injured in a car accident. The injury you are dealing with might be small like twisting of your ankle or little scratch in hand. Or it could have been more painful which almost going to take your life and you are lucky that you are safe. Accidents happen due to other or might be possible from your mistakes. If you’re the victim of an accident, it is important for you not to deal the legal matters alone without considering the expert advice of Phoenix Car Accident Attorney otherwise you will get more deep wound (lose the claim) which make you repent later. Seeking compensation from the negligent party is not an easier task it always requires for a professional assistance who can give the argument that justifies the claim.

hire a lawyer

If you have landed this page, chances you are curiously want to know about the limitation if you self-represent yourself for the injury. While every case is different, there are many aspects need to consider while you decide to hire a lawyer who can present a legal plea on your behalf.

When Should I hire a lawyer?

When the injury or damage is unbearable or costs you to the fortune, make it understand you need the support of auto accidents attorney Phoenix whose argument skills and command Phoenix law gives you a sigh of relief. Thus, it is quite evident that when it is about your financial damage and unbearable injury, can be the determining factor to consider an experienced lawyer. But these are the basic reason lot yet to discuss which make it clear to you that hire a lawyer when:

  • The insurance companies involved in the case are presenting wrong facts
  • The complication in your case is very technical
  • Your injuries are very serious or permanent
  • You don’t what are your rights as an injured
  • Don’t know what extent of the amount you are eligible to claim
  • Opponent and you can’t come to a settlement
  • Your claim is against a town, city, or government

These are the few circumstances which you can’t overcome all alone because you haven’t excelled the law education. Still, if you think that you can do it be ready for the consequences also. Filing a lawsuit is not an easy job which you can easily perform. Even the person possessing degree and practice failed to make it successful. Filing a lawsuit involving many legal technicalities and complication which sometimes even make the plaintiff feel like giving up the case and just move on. Beside legal matters, medical jargon is also not easy to comprehend without having adequate knowledge. Hiring a lawyer will make you free from getting negative vibes and represent your case in the best possible manner which increases your chance to win the claim.

It’s always a good idea to consult with a personal injury law firm if you’re unsure and don’t what are your rights or what steps to take. Rather making the case worst at least having the assistance of a lawyer give your case a legal track where there is a maximum probability of winning the case. To find such reliable support, there are many experienced as well as a successful attorney you can find. Just give your time to make a thorough research about the lawyer.

Arrested For Murder – Is It The End?

Arrested For Murder

First degree murder charges are incredibly serious, as it is one of the most dangerous crimes there is. If you plan your defense wrong you may even end up with a life sentence. But still, there is no reason to panic if you get yourself a good legal advice. There are generally two defense strategies with that charge: defendant admits that he had committed murder, or defendant denies that accusation. A defendant who has admitted to committing murder can assert that it was committed in self-defense or that they were not liable, for example by being incapacitated. It is a good way to get clear of that charge; that is if the defendant has sufficient proof to present to the court. About limitations of self-defense in Texas, you can read here.

Another argument that defendant can use is that prosecution hasn’t proved that defendant killed deliberately, willfully, etc. Also, that argument, while may be supported by further proof by the defendant, does not require that proof, since it is the prosecution that should provide evidence about crime details. As it stands, legal defenses can vary by state, and by facts present in the current case. So it is highly recommended that defendants should consult their attorney that is versed in the state’s laws. Following are defense avenues that defendant can use if they are Accused of Murder.

Mistaken identity defense

One of the most used arguments that defendants use in the first degree murder cases is that prosecutors charged the wrong person or that of mistaken identity. The defendant usually tries to support that assertion by presenting an alibi, evidence that they were somewhere else and therefore could not commit the crime they are accused of. Another avenue that defense may pursue is that of a challenging of the evidence that asserts that defendant was at the crime scene, such as witness testimony and even forensics results.

Justifying a homicide

Of course, not every homicide is a first degree murder. One of the most common legal justifications for a homicide is that of self-defense or the defense of others.

Murder for self-defense

If the defense decides to follow that avenue, then it must show to the court that the killing was a result of a perceived threat that was sufficient to inflict in the defendant a fear of bodily harm or even death. As such, the defendant cannot be an instigator of violence and should have used force that was proportional to the perceived threat. Besides that, defendant’s first response, by some states’ requirement should be an attempt to leave the danger, and only if that failed should they resort to violence.

Simple example: if the defendant is attacked and manages to incapacitate the attacker using non-lethal methods, for example, a stun gun, then their next action should be to flee the danger and not killing the attacker. That requirement differs if a person is attacked in their house, depending on a state.

Killing while defending others

Sometimes the only way to protect another person will be to commit a killing. Defense of others usually meets the same requirements as self-defense: timely use of force attempts to leave a dangerous situation, not initiating violence and facing the reasonably perceived threat.

Exercise of duty

In a line of law enforcement, there are times when usage of lethal force is justified. As such, killings that were committed in certain circumstances are not classified as first degree murders or even usual murders. As long as such an act was not committed with a negligence, unlawful intent and recklessness and in the exercise of duty, then it qualifies as justified homicide.

Murder as an accident

Accidental killings, depending on the circumstances and state laws, do not usually constitute murder. Some of those accidents may lead to being charged with manslaughter but it will still not constitute as first degree murder unless that accident takes place during the criminal activity committed by the defendant.


In the most states insanity, defense in case of first degree murder accusation is recognized as valid one. That defense usually requires psychological tests of the defendant, as they should not be able to recognize the wrongness of their action to be marked as insane.

If you are arrested for murder, you should contact a criminal defense attorney familiar with state laws to discuss your case and work out possible defense avenues against a first degree murder charge.