Founded in August 2007, g-phi Entertainment is a media entertainment design and production company organized to produce a series of video games and short animated stories that directly address the moral dilemmas of our culture past, present, and future. Through our media, we will provide our customers with a sense of consequences or rewards based on individual choices and daily life decisions. Our goal is to become the leading producer of high quality, challenging, and creative video entertainment that will excite, motivate and encourage our audience to think about the choices they make and why. We want to influence people’s lives by the way they view the world.

Our games are dramatic re-creations of real life situations that require the gamer to make choices that will result in rewards and consequences, weather good or bad. Because our games are reality based and reflective, the gamer will become engaged in self-reflection.

Through the gaming experience, gamers become accountable for their actions in a desensitized world where the truth is no longer sugarcoated. “2Morrow” demonstrates how choices and decisions can have a detrimental impact on the gamers’ life and destiny through a combination of cinematic and interactive experiences including survival & stealth mission, challenging competition, quality graphics, recognizable audio, profanity, aggressive action and violence, all packaged in the latest game technology.

Our game scripts are based on powerful, influential, historical or futuristic events. There are normally (2) main characters, one of which will be the gamer. One of the most exciting features in the game is the mystery of what role or character the gamer will take on during the game. The gamer is completely unaware of the role that he has taken on until he reaches the end of the game. Throughout the game, the gamer is forced to address the moral issues of society; they learn whether their decisions and actions lead to a rewarding or detrimental outcome.

The gaming industry is flooded with popular, exciting, competitive video games. Few if any games, give players the opportunity to make choices and then reflect upon the gamer. The result of those choices with either a beneficial or detrimental outcome. Very few games set out to influence society from a moral perspective. These games set out to entertain. Our games will cater to what the market demands as well as what it needs. We will offer our gamers a unique experience that will give them a different perspective on life

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